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Impact of Late Motherhood on Children

May 7th, 2021

To objectively consider the over-all impact of late motherhood on children there will be need to look into scientific studies and statistics. The results obviously show that there positive rewards to be had; at the same time as negative ones bordering on emotions, health and financial matters.

Having children at a late age has positive as well as negative consequences. Women who have completed their education and have risen reasonably in their chosen careers have a lot to offer to their children. Due to their position they can adjust their work schedule to accommodate the welfare of their children which will be impossible for a junior worker. Some of them are self-employed, while some of them can decide to work at home. These older but better established women have more time to spend with their children and more time to participate in their general well being. Where they cannot spare the time they have enough money to pay for help in the home.

Young mother face more problems than well established mother who have achieved many of their goals. Young mother will probably need help in raising her children because she still attends school or have to work and arrives home late especially if she does not have family member who could help. The unfortunate issue is that she may not even afford to hire help due to poor financial position. By the time older mothers have a baby, they are usually financially secure, and can give their child a comfortable upbringing that is materially stable; and provide them with a quality education.

Young mothers don’t yet have much of life experience and wisdom to take into motherhood, whereas their older counterparts may have a level of knowledge and understanding that younger mothers have not got.

The positive side of younger mothers is that most of them have vibrant energy to play with the children as well as grow up with them. Unlike the women who wait until late thirties or forties, they may not have the strength to handle energetic, exuberant children. Younger mothers are more likely to be fitter and to suffer from less related health complaints. Older mothers are more likely to have less energy to be able to cope with the demands of motherhood.

Patience is needed in breeding children. Older mothers are likely to be more patient with their children and calmer, providing a well balanced home life. Even though they have the much material and monetary wherewithal these do not make up for the time spent with children if the accomplished older mother and can not spend time with her children.

There could be medical problems, with women who become pregnant at a late age. To begin with, there is an increase in the likelihood of pregnancy loss. Some unborn babies never reach full term, and some children have been known to have larger heads or have caused complications to their mothers. There mothers who have to have cesarean delivery in the late forties, however, every woman does not experience this. However, some older women have given birth to perfectly healthy babies, and find no negative health problems associated with their child and late motherhood.

Leaving motherhood too late can increase the chances of a woman developing breast cancer, according to some studies. This idea was backed up in the twenties by the pioneering British doctor; Janet Lane-Claypon, whose research showed that the younger a woman was during her first pregnancy, the lower her chance of developing breast cancer.

According to Susan G. Komen for the cure website: “Women who give birth for the first time after the age of thirty are up to twice as likely to develop breast cancer as women who have their first child before the age of twenty.”

Information gathered by the Million Women Study, a study of 1.3 million women across Britain launched in 1977 by Professor Dame Valerie Beral, the director of Oxford University’s Cancer Epidemiology Unit, also indicates that pregnancy when a woman is in her teens or twenties can have a significant protective effect against breast cancer.

The later a woman gives birth to a baby the older she is, and naturally brings her closer to her demise than if she had the baby at a younger age. This will make a child to lose her support and love at a younger age. It makes it almost impossible for a child of an older woman having the joy of grandparents. But children of younger mothers enjoy longer period of support and love.

The impact of late motherhood on children can be either positive, negative or a mixture of the two aspects depending on the individual circumstances. There are women who purposely wait until they have become accomplished in their career, who become mothers and have done successfully. Women thinking about having children should weigh both the pros and cons of waiting, so that they might be able to find a balance. Choosing whether to be an older mother or a younger one is not a light undertaking, however, most children born to older mothers are planned and desperately wanted, which is one of the most positive outcomes involved.

Motherhood; A Good Long Look

March 7th, 2021

With the kind of hours we have to put in caring, feeding, cooking for, cleaning after, bathing, scolding, worrying about our children, you’d imagine it to be an extremely lucrative career, wouldn’t you? One that would not only give you monetary rewards but also emotional satisfaction. A career that will send you off to many exotic countries for free and you’ll get to meet many different people from all walks of life because of your career, right?


What is it about motherhood that is so absolutely enthralling? So enchanting, so miraculous that it is almost like a very cruel joke. You love it, you love being mom but heck, you wish the kids will just stop SCREAMING!!!

Look, we said motherhood is amazingly rewarding, but we didn’t say in what way. And yes, we did say that motherhood gives you a warm glow on your face (from all that running around, of course) and a joyfully painful ache in your heart (He said he hated me!), what’s not to like about being a mother? Well…it depends on how you want to look at it, really.

If you enjoy standing for hours cooking just to have your kids fling it around the dining table lasso-fashion in their own creative way of expressing their appreciation, yes, motherhood is really quite worthwhile. If your hands feel coarser than sandpaper and you LIKE IT THAT WAY, by golly, you’re made to be a mother. And if you enjoy tripping over toys on the stairs because you think it’s really challenging and exciting, be my guest.

But what is all this hoopla about being a mother? Isn’t it like…the most natural thing in the world to be?

Look, motherhood is exclusive. It’s exclusive to our own gender because males can NEVER be mom….even if they had a womb implanted, in my personal opinion, motherhood goes beyond having a womb and a vagina…but correct me if I am wrong. Motherhood is a life-changing, life-long, emotional career that can take you places. And a man cannot just fit into it because they just don’t have that emotional capacity.

I don’t want to explain this because I might end up in a man-bashing session but motherhood is something that I never thought I’d enjoy. Sure, it doesn’t pay (at all) and it’s sometimes (ALWAYS is more like it) draining and exhausting.

But if you tell me that your heart will swell whenever your boss closes his/her eyes in front of you and you watch your boss breathe in and out and thank the Lord above that you are blessed with an opportunity to work with him/her, then you’re weird. Unless, of course, your boss is your child.

Which brings me back to my original intention of writing this article.

If given a chance to choose again, I would STILL continue to be a mom to my boys. No amount of mullah will get me to change my mind. Not even the world. The reason? It’s simple.

My boss asks me to write a report for him, I frown, thinks he’s such a buffoon but do it anyway because I want my salary at the end of the month.

As compared to…

My kids soil their pants and I have to spend an hour scrubbing human feces off carpets and I am smiling as he stands there, right there in the doorway asking me, “Mom, can I have a lollipop now?” I smile because he looks so sweet and pouty and say “Sure, go ahead but only one, ok?”. He grins and runs off with a quick, “Thanks, MOM!”. I smile because I give…not get.